East Vancouver home sells for $500,000 over asking price

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East Vancouver home sells for over $500,000 asking price

Michele’s recent interior design project has likely graced your screen as a plethora of news articles stream your social media feeds entitled: “East Van Home sells for $500,000 over asking price”. The Vancouver market is clearly “hot”. But what is it that spurs such bidding wars over some homes over other homes?

Location is clearly key. If your home is in the right area, with just the right amenities, then your home will be sought after.

If your home will not require much attention by the new owner. Specifically, there is no indication of major post-purchase spending for the new home owner, then this home will move up the desirable list.

But there are likely many well taken care of homes, or homes that have gone through the process of readying for market. So what else can differentiate your home? What makes for a “good” buy other than price?

Good design is key. Are there too many stairs for elderly dwellers. Is there safe, contained space for playing children? Is it easy to navigate the kitchen during the busy dinner hour? Is there easy access to the family vehicle? Is there sufficient yard for fun outdoor summer use? We all have an innate understanding of these types of components; the kinds of design features that improve our quality of living. Regular InDesigns by Michele partner, John Khaira from Maxim Development definitely hit these marks.

But what about when it comes to the interior of the home? We all have different taste, it’s true, but if we consider a few key interior decorating tips, we could increase the overall value of our home, by making it more desirable.

Consider materials when determining the “look” of your home:

  1. Choose materials that are timeless and not too trendy. Timeless keeps its value and you update the look by changing up a trendy piece of furniture or soft decor, like throw pillows and duvets.
  2. Choose materials that are of good quality. Materials that last, well obviously, they last. You won’t need to replace them as often as cheaper material.

Have you used a material that you’ve regretted? Seen something that made you go “ick” while house hunting? Let us know in the comments below what kind of interior decorating material disasters you’ve had or seen.

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