What to do with a shade hardware no-no

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blind valance interior design vancouver Michele Cheung InDesigns


We received the gorgeous custom motorized roller shades last week and…

…they match the bedroom perfectly, except for the stainless steel hardware!

This was clearly a design no-no for the otherwise perfectly white scheme. So, our fantastic solution is to custom build a blind valance that marries the perfectly white design. Problem solved, and I can’t wait to show you the results!

Not everything works out perfectly when approaching a project. There usually needs to be some kind of adjustments made and I recommend instead of making a compromise, make an adjustment to the plan. A compromise means settling for things that take you away from the overall concept. On the other hand, an adjustment is a change that does not compromise the original design concept.

What are the compromises you have in your home? Leave us a comment and we’ll try to suggest an adjustment!

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